Professionally Installed Irrigation Systems

Relying completely on rainfall to maintain the appearance of your yard is not recommended—it’s too unpredictable. It is consistent watering keeps the yard looking lush and beautiful. But who wants to waste time standing outside with a hose? Professionally installed automatic irrigation systems are worth considering. Not only do they keep your lawn in its best shape, but it is a convenient and reliable way to make sure your landscape gets the water it needs. Automatic sprinkler systems that are properly installed by experts like Duncan Enterprises of Lincoln, Nebraska, can even help you conserve water!

Duncan Enterprises specializes in the design, installation and service of underground sprinkler systems. Since the initial design and installation of your system is crucial to optimal performance and functionality, you will have a detailed consultation and inspection of your yard to ensure all areas are properly watered.

Save time. Save water. Save money. Call Duncan Enterprises, Inc. at 402-430-1789 about installing a new sprinkler system for your home or business today.

Irrigation Maintenance, Repair, and Winterization

Duncan Enterprises, Inc. specializes in Rain Bird and Toro sprinkler systems, but can repair and maintain irrigation systems from all providers. There is not a manufacturer that they can’t service! Proper maintenance, routine tune-ups, and winterization your system ensures that your investment will hold up to the elements. Duncan Enterprises recommends regular maintenance in the form of seasonal tune-ups and winterization to conserve water, facilitate better plant and grass growth and protect your system.

Commercial and residential irrigation system services include:

Irrigation System Design
Irrigation System Installation
Sprinkler Repairs and Maintenance
Sprinkler Winterization
24/7 Emergency Services and Water Shutoffs